We've been providing affordable, reliable web hosting to friends, family, and local non-profit clubs and organizations since 1998. All of our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth.

Hosting accounts are housed in powerful servers with Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz processors and loaded with 2 GB DDR Ram and two 73 GB hard disk drives.

Bluescathosting.com utilizes the GNAX network in Atlanta, GA as one of our two primary data center partners for our servers and networks. Currently, all new accounts are being routed to servers housed in the data centers administered by GNAX.

Here is a brief overview of what the GNAX network has to offer you, as a client of Bluescathosting.com.

- 99.999% Reliability

- 4 Main State of the art UPS Systems

- 2 Generators with in ground 5000 gallon fuel tanks to ensure power if there is an outage. 1.5 megawatt and 800 KVA

- Connected to the most reliable power grid in the state of Georgia through quad vaults on 4 feeds - this protects the main hospital in Atlanta so it is on a last outage program as critical services and was extensively upgraded for the Olympics. We have not had to use our generators in 5 years.

- 8 22 ton Redundant Liebert Air systems providing consistent temperature and humidity range in the datacenter.

- State of the art datacenter ID system and security including video surveillance and recording. All entrances to the Data Center include biometric scanning in combination with card key to prevent unauthorized access.

- FM200 Fire suppression and active monitoring with VESDA early smoke detection.

- Redundant Cisco BGP routing and switching infrastructure with cold spares on site allows for equipment failure with no interruption of service and timely replacement of the failed item. 10 Gig Metro Ethernet ring for the core routing with dual feeds of all aggregation routers ensures 100% uptime with some of the best uptime in the business.

- State of the art Avaya ANS BGP management system optimizing the routes on the 6 gig network in real time 7000 times per minute based on traceroute performance to ensure that your servers have the highest performance routing vs a simple bgp configuration.

- State of the art monitoring system for all servers and network devices with instant failure notification.